Thursday, December 11, 2008

With Wings of Lead

With Wings of Lead it's a hardcore/powerpop/grindcore band from Port Huron, Michigan.
They say they are "Coming at you with an intense mix of multiple genres" but I can't find all this genres and influences they say they have; I've been looking for a good hardcore or metal band, but I think I'm not even close. It's not that they are that bad, but they are so monotone I can't stand to listen one of their songs from beggining to end, they start every song with energy and makes you think "Oh this song is gonna be so cool!!" but it isn't. The songs are repetitive and makes you think they are innecesarily long, but they aren't!! I was listeninig and i thought "This is taking too long" but all of their songs are average 3-4 minutes songs!!! You better get more ideas to fullfil 4 minutes of music or you're not gonna go anywhere but to play at local dirty clubs until you're 45.


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