Friday, December 5, 2008


RollerCoaster is a pop-punk/rock band from Torino, Italy; They only have 2 songs on their profile, and one it's a punk cover of the Beatles' "Let it Be"; in both you can notice a big influence from bands as Blink 182.
I have to say that they need to work in their vocals, wich are not bad for this genre, but these make them sound a bit unprofesional, specially in their "Let it Be", wich intro reminds me a lot to Blink 182's "Always". It's good to have your influences defined, but it's better when you find a sound of your own.
Their song "Wicked Words" has a nice, enjoyable intro that, personally, pleases me, it's a good job and I think they should do more things like that.

Basically, Roller Coaster is a band that deserves to give them a shot,they need to work more in the "originality" part, and an improve to the vocals would be good too.
You can make your own opinion about'em by listening them in their Myspace profile:

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