Friday, December 5, 2008

Waiting 4 Wyatt.

Waiting 4 Wyatt it's a rock/pop band from L.A.
This is the first band that actually asked me for a review, and I thank them for that.

What I have to say about this band it's that I've heard better bands without a label, and they already are signed with an indie label, They need to work, they aren't bad, but... they are not GOOD either, they do "enough". The voice is not bad, but it's so common and she doesn't play with it, she can do more. I recomend you to listen what Greta Salpeter from The Hush Sound does.

The band sounds a bit like Paramore, one of their influences, but they are also kind and soft, even relaxing; If you make an effort you can be better.

Thanks for reading.Kisses


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