Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Congratulations We Came As Romans!!!

Before the new year comes, I want to talk about something that happened during this one:

When I first started to do this reviews, I made one of a band called We Came As Romans, I didn't knew a thing about them, except the fact that I liked their music; Some time later, when I was visiting their Myspace profile, I heard the good news, they are pregnant!! Hahaha no, j/k; this is better... They are the #1 of the "Top 10 unsigned bands to look out for on 2009" on this month's AP magazine!!! And (yeah there's an and) this gets better, they are on this contest, you know, Ernie Ball's, if they win, they are going to be playing on this rockfest, the Taste of Chaos, do you know it?? Haha, ok, seriously, vote for them, if you live in Detroit, you'll enjoy them, and if you don't live close, vote anyway! They totally deserve your vote!!!

I'm so happy for you guys, I hope this new year has better things for you, and keep climbing to the top, you're getting closer!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friends for Hire.

Friends for Hire it's a rock/pop band from Charleston, South Carolina.

They have a rocking cover of Katy Perry's "Hot n' Cold", personally, I prefer Katy's, and my cousin says "personally, I prefer Katy!!!", but their cover it's so good, specially when you don't feel like listening to pop music.

The rest of their songs are good, I don't know how to describe them...Friends for Hire sounds like Boys Like Girls pretending to be rockers, haha!!. Ok, seriously, they sound like that kind of friendly rock/rocker pop that fills the radios, the one you hear everywhere, but they know how to stand out from the others, I think it's because of their drums.(hehe).
"I'm Feeling Alive" it's a very cute song, is that kind of song you wish your boyfriend have written for you; and "Under Your Skin"(softly) rocks, I liked that intro, and the song reminds me a bit of the MCR's songs from the "Three Cheers..." but with less yelling.
To sum up, FFH it's a nice band, their sound it's sweet with your ears, but it's enough rocker to avoid being bullied by your hardcore friends.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stereo Skyline!.

Stereo Skyline! it's a powerpop band from Long Island, NY.

I can't believe they are unsigned!!! I've heard their song "Heartbeat" on Jac Vanek's profile last week and when I visited the Cash Cash profile, I saw them on the top friends, I clicked on it and when their page opened, I saw they're unsigned! Now I know I couldn't find them on the Buzznet's list when I wanted Heartbeat as my profile song!
Ok, I was talking with a friend about them, he didn't liked their music, but I beg to differ on the contrary (oh, I love that Green Day song); I think they are really cool, of course not super awesome, but they are pretty good, kinda common, but I can't get "Heartbeat" out of my head!!!
I can't think in any other bands for the "sounds like:" but the ones from their top friends: Cash Cash, Metro Station, Boys Like Girls (specially Cash Cash).
They probably doesn't need so much promotion, but you can't get away without listening them haha!!!:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Third Grade Haters.

Third Grade Haters it's a garage/indie/blues band from Knoxville, Tennesee.
They are loud, they are garage-y, they are so 90's.
The vox sometimes reminds me of Billy Corgan's one, but surprisingly, it's not bad, I mean, if someone tells me about a dude in an unlabaled band who sings like Billy Corgan, I would think "Umm, not so good, uh?" but not in this case, because this boy knows how to use his voice, he doesn't sound like a copy or like a bad singer, it's actually cool. Even when they have a big influence of old school rock, there's something... fresh in their sound that makes me like them better, I still feel like I'm listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, but in a good way, not like a shitty copy of them.
I couldn't find noticeable mistakes in their music, talking about tuning and that stuff, everything's ok. Actually, they are good. I liked the music.

Check'em out on

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Ocean Buried.

The Ocean Buried it's a powerpop band from Toronto, Canada.
They sound pretty sweet. In Juno's words, they are "cute".
They have a list of influences that includes bands such as The Cab, Cobra Starship (actually, in their header banner pic one of the boys is wearing a Cobra hoodie), Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the disco. That explains why the first thing that came to my mind when I first listened them was " They sound like The Cab".
I been listeing to them the last 2 days and I still can't find something I can call a mistake, their songs are pretty well recorded, everything seems to be tuned correctly and, even when I'm always complaining about bands that sounds like other bands, I can't stop listening to them!! I like this band, and I can't find something I don't like in their songs; I actually feel like I'm listening a mainstream band. All I can say is: Good job boys! I hope you get signed by a good label; you deserve it.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Nugget it's a punk/rock band from Greensboro, North Carolina.
They say their biggest influence is Blink 182, and you can see (actually, hear) they sound a bit like Blink's old stuff, m+m's and those songs.
Mmm, probably all I can say about them is... uhm.
I mean, they are cool, but nothing special, nothing fresh, nothing new. I really liked their music, it's the kind of music I grew up with, but it's still the same punk music of the last 15 years.
I think I'm gonna start using this phrase, it's actually the title of a Cobra Starship song: "Punk pop is soooo '05" it's ok, it's still a very popular genre, but it needs a reinvention, a fresh touch, and if a band makes this awesome gift to the music (succesfully) it'll be totally wonderful, not just for punk but for them.
Anyway, this band's cool.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Girl on Fire.

Girl on Fire it's an alternative/rock band from Seattle, Washington.
Their music is good, but the voice of this Robbie boy is...kinda annoying.

I really liked "What doesn't kill you" it's a really good song, and the voice sounds a bit different.
Actually, they are pretty cool, of course they need to work, but they are good. They are a bit in the screamo way, like between Underoath and 30 secs to Mars, but they probably prefer to be "alternative" than emo, I mean, who doesn't? if a band wants credibility, they don't label themselves as emo, so, alternative's ok.
They are good, don't let this "to emo or not to emo" sht gives you a wrong idea of them.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunrise and Stereo.

Sunrise and Stereo it's a pop punk/indie band from NY.
They are kinda good but their singer girl has a weird voice, Gabe Saporta's weird, not weird in the bad way. They remind me a bit of another band I already reviewed, Waiting 4 Wyatt, but I like better Sunrise and Stereo. They play a happy kind of music that actually makes you feel...
Objectively, the singer girl has a little problem to control her voice and the sound like they're playing live, so, there aren't big problems with this band. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sirens at Sunset.

Sirens at Sunset it's a band from LA, California.
They don't labeled themselves under any genre but I think they're something between pop punk and hardcore; probably... softcore? emo? Idk!
Anyway; about their music, I'll be honest: I don't like it!, they need to practice a lot because they sound like my 13 years old neighbor and his friends at the garage, and not in a good way, I mean, if we were talking about trash metal or something like that, it'll be a good thing, but in this case, they are just kids playing with guitars.
After listening them for a while, I kinda liked "Cell Phones and Cigarettes", its acoustic version's intro made me sing "And i give up forever to touch you..." until they began to sing. Despite the fact that all their songs are recorded... I'll say low-fi, I can't say they are actually bad, the singer is, but if he improves his voice, it will be awesome for the band.
Well, if you like anything between MCR's I brought you my bullets..., The Devil Wears Prada and Blink 182, maybe you'd like to listen their music...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Rings True.

Still Rings True it's a rock/pop punk band from Watertown, New York.
This band reminds me of all the music I used to listen when I was in middle high, you know, when the pop punk fever was stronger than ever; they sound good, I have no words to describe them...maybe nostalgic, but it's just for me and the old people, if you're younger than me, you probably don't remember the pop punk fever.
I don't have anything against them, it's just that they are just another band, with a good sound but nothing that makes a difference between them and the rest of the world; it's like you're listening to something like old Fall Out Boy or Simple Plan, but, in their defense, I love old FOB's stuff.
I think I'll keep listening them anyway, they make my memories come back.

Oh! they have a Friends or Enemies profile, by the way. That's cool.

Monday, December 15, 2008


StruckRoot it's a rock/alternative band from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
They have their band influences as top friends, and they actually sound like them, of course not as professional as STP or Alice In Chains, but you can notice a clear influence of the late 80's/early 90's rock.
On the other hand, it's such a shame they are totally influenced, they even sound as if they've recorded their songs in a little studio in the 80's, the quality of the songs is kind of bad, seems like they don't know how to use a microphone and the vocalist sometimes loses the note; all this is really bad for them, specially because they're good. If someone can help them with the production of their music, please! because they really need it, they (kinda) worth it.
If they make a big effort and find a good producer, maybe you'll hear about them in a couple of years, maybe more because I think it's not gonna be easy if they keep living in Brazil; it's really terrible for the bands when their city doesn't have a good music scene, there are countries where the famous artists are just the sons and daugthers of the already famous or rich people, I saw it, and it's really sad, it's bad for everybody.

Well, back to the band, Struckroot may sound garage-y but please give them a chance, specially if you like STP, Metallica, Alter Bridge or Disturbed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Say Vegas

Don't Say Vegas it's a powerpop band from San Diego, California.
"Don't Say Vegas is a band dedicated to writing that song that gets stuck in your head and instantly has you singing along." And they really are sticky. They are a good band, but I'm tired to say the same: Nothing special or original. I liked their music, and I recommend them to you, but I'm starving for something new!!

You probably gonna enjoy listening to Don't Say Vegas, they sound a bit like Mayday Parade mixed with Metro Station (haha).Pretty nice.

Brighter Brightest

Brighter Brightest it's a rock/powerpop band from Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
Their music sounds a lot like All Time Low and other bands of the same style, but, this time, that's not a bad thing because they are good at doing it; you can think they are not the most original or extraordinary, but they are good, they sound professional, with nice lyrics and a lovely voice, even when they play something totally popular and common, you can't deny they have talent.

You better check them and add them before they become famous, that way you're gonna be able to say "I already knew them!!!".

Friday, December 12, 2008


BAMF! it's a ska band from St. Louis, Missouri.
They have a funny, fresh sound; so necessary for this genre.
I think it's one of the best bands I've found on Myspace; they are a breeze of good air, nothing extraordinary, but compared with some... things I've been listening lately, this is like a cupcake after a week of diet.
They are really funny, so Ska-style, with the typical trumpets and all the stuff, they are pretty cool.One of the voices (they have 2) sometimes reminds me of Mark Hoppus'. It makes them sound a bit punky.
I don't know if they are already signed, their myspace profile doesn't say anything about it, but if they aren't they should be!! (and they shouldn't be here because I don't review bands with a contract.)
Check'em out!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

With Wings of Lead

With Wings of Lead it's a hardcore/powerpop/grindcore band from Port Huron, Michigan.
They say they are "Coming at you with an intense mix of multiple genres" but I can't find all this genres and influences they say they have; I've been looking for a good hardcore or metal band, but I think I'm not even close. It's not that they are that bad, but they are so monotone I can't stand to listen one of their songs from beggining to end, they start every song with energy and makes you think "Oh this song is gonna be so cool!!" but it isn't. The songs are repetitive and makes you think they are innecesarily long, but they aren't!! I was listeninig and i thought "This is taking too long" but all of their songs are average 3-4 minutes songs!!! You better get more ideas to fullfil 4 minutes of music or you're not gonna go anywhere but to play at local dirty clubs until you're 45.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Downtown Fiction.

The Downtown Fiction it's a rock/pop punk/powerpop band from Fairfax, Virginia.
They are my favorite band of the ones I have reviewed until now, not just because of their music, but for their accesibility; they actually answer you, and not because they "have to" they do it nicely; I saw some of their non-musical videos and they seem like they're pretty nice people.
What I have to say about their music is that, since they play the most popular genre now, it's difficult not to sound like other bands, but they do a good job, I can't say they do an excellent job, because not so much people can proudly say they did; they are a good begginer band, and actually pretty good, I think my fav song was "Is Anybody Out There?", but all of their songs are good,the voice of Cameron is soothing and reflects the bands that they call their influences, like Oasis. Idk what to say, this is the first time it happens, probably because of what I said before, they play something so common, but it's actually of my favorite genre, so I can't say I don't like it.
If I keep writting I'm gonna mess this up, so, resuming, I liked The Downtown Fiction but idk exactly why.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

North Of the City.

North Of the City it's a pop/rock band from Stroudsburg(???), Pennsylvania.
They play a so simple kind of music, they are good if you want to have music when you're working or doing something else, but if you really pay attention to them, you probably gonna get bored.They sound like a lot of other bands, you know, like cheap versions of All Time Low or something. They are actually not so bad as musicians, but they need to propose something, because we don't need another band, believe me, there's a lot already.
Improve that voice a little, because sometimes you don't sound as good as you could.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Waiting 4 Wyatt.

Waiting 4 Wyatt it's a rock/pop band from L.A.
This is the first band that actually asked me for a review, and I thank them for that.

What I have to say about this band it's that I've heard better bands without a label, and they already are signed with an indie label, They need to work, they aren't bad, but... they are not GOOD either, they do "enough". The voice is not bad, but it's so common and she doesn't play with it, she can do more. I recomend you to listen what Greta Salpeter from The Hush Sound does.

The band sounds a bit like Paramore, one of their influences, but they are also kind and soft, even relaxing; If you make an effort you can be better.

Thanks for reading.Kisses

We Came As Romans.

We Came As Romans it's a screamo/hardcore band from Detroit.
They have two voices, and the mix of those are really cool but I heard some bad critics about the acute voice ("so 'electronic-ated'"), I think it is ok, I liked it, it seems like a good job from their producer haha, but...anyway.
I recomend them widely, specially if you like bands as Bullet for my Valentine (before their "Scream Aim Fire").
One bad thing I found while I was checkin' their profile it's that some of the dates of their tour are covered by a banner; and they hid the profile music player, so you can't know which song you're listening to, and if you liked it, you can't play it again :(

*Note: This is just if you have an old version of Internet explorer, if you have the latest patch of internet explorer, or mozilla firefox, or safari the page works just fine!
About their sound, I have nothing to say but Go ahead!! if you continue evoluting as you're doing now I see a good future for you boys!!

Check'em out on .

Thanks for reading.Kisses.


RollerCoaster is a pop-punk/rock band from Torino, Italy; They only have 2 songs on their profile, and one it's a punk cover of the Beatles' "Let it Be"; in both you can notice a big influence from bands as Blink 182.
I have to say that they need to work in their vocals, wich are not bad for this genre, but these make them sound a bit unprofesional, specially in their "Let it Be", wich intro reminds me a lot to Blink 182's "Always". It's good to have your influences defined, but it's better when you find a sound of your own.
Their song "Wicked Words" has a nice, enjoyable intro that, personally, pleases me, it's a good job and I think they should do more things like that.

Basically, Roller Coaster is a band that deserves to give them a shot,they need to work more in the "originality" part, and an improve to the vocals would be good too.
You can make your own opinion about'em by listening them in their Myspace profile:

Thanks for reading.Kisses.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello world!! I'm starting this blog to review unlabeled bands I listen to. Some of them sent me a friend request and some others I found'em myself, and I want to share them with the world, but you must built your own opinion about them, I'm gonna try to review one band per day here, and you can find a weekly short review on my myspace profile.
If you want your band reviewed, send me a friend request to
I'm not expecting the most professional, innovative or creative bands, but any fresh sounds are totally welcome! If you have a hip hop band, sorry but I probably won't review it because I don't know so much about this genre, but any other kind of music it's ok, from pop to any kind of metal, and inclusively R&B.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to comment about my reviews.