Monday, December 29, 2008

Stereo Skyline!.

Stereo Skyline! it's a powerpop band from Long Island, NY.

I can't believe they are unsigned!!! I've heard their song "Heartbeat" on Jac Vanek's profile last week and when I visited the Cash Cash profile, I saw them on the top friends, I clicked on it and when their page opened, I saw they're unsigned! Now I know I couldn't find them on the Buzznet's list when I wanted Heartbeat as my profile song!
Ok, I was talking with a friend about them, he didn't liked their music, but I beg to differ on the contrary (oh, I love that Green Day song); I think they are really cool, of course not super awesome, but they are pretty good, kinda common, but I can't get "Heartbeat" out of my head!!!
I can't think in any other bands for the "sounds like:" but the ones from their top friends: Cash Cash, Metro Station, Boys Like Girls (specially Cash Cash).
They probably doesn't need so much promotion, but you can't get away without listening them haha!!!:


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