Friday, December 5, 2008

We Came As Romans.

We Came As Romans it's a screamo/hardcore band from Detroit.
They have two voices, and the mix of those are really cool but I heard some bad critics about the acute voice ("so 'electronic-ated'"), I think it is ok, I liked it, it seems like a good job from their producer haha, but...anyway.
I recomend them widely, specially if you like bands as Bullet for my Valentine (before their "Scream Aim Fire").
One bad thing I found while I was checkin' their profile it's that some of the dates of their tour are covered by a banner; and they hid the profile music player, so you can't know which song you're listening to, and if you liked it, you can't play it again :(

*Note: This is just if you have an old version of Internet explorer, if you have the latest patch of internet explorer, or mozilla firefox, or safari the page works just fine!
About their sound, I have nothing to say but Go ahead!! if you continue evoluting as you're doing now I see a good future for you boys!!

Check'em out on .

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