Monday, December 15, 2008


StruckRoot it's a rock/alternative band from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
They have their band influences as top friends, and they actually sound like them, of course not as professional as STP or Alice In Chains, but you can notice a clear influence of the late 80's/early 90's rock.
On the other hand, it's such a shame they are totally influenced, they even sound as if they've recorded their songs in a little studio in the 80's, the quality of the songs is kind of bad, seems like they don't know how to use a microphone and the vocalist sometimes loses the note; all this is really bad for them, specially because they're good. If someone can help them with the production of their music, please! because they really need it, they (kinda) worth it.
If they make a big effort and find a good producer, maybe you'll hear about them in a couple of years, maybe more because I think it's not gonna be easy if they keep living in Brazil; it's really terrible for the bands when their city doesn't have a good music scene, there are countries where the famous artists are just the sons and daugthers of the already famous or rich people, I saw it, and it's really sad, it's bad for everybody.

Well, back to the band, Struckroot may sound garage-y but please give them a chance, specially if you like STP, Metallica, Alter Bridge or Disturbed.


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