Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sirens at Sunset.

Sirens at Sunset it's a band from LA, California.
They don't labeled themselves under any genre but I think they're something between pop punk and hardcore; probably... softcore? emo? Idk!
Anyway; about their music, I'll be honest: I don't like it!, they need to practice a lot because they sound like my 13 years old neighbor and his friends at the garage, and not in a good way, I mean, if we were talking about trash metal or something like that, it'll be a good thing, but in this case, they are just kids playing with guitars.
After listening them for a while, I kinda liked "Cell Phones and Cigarettes", its acoustic version's intro made me sing "And i give up forever to touch you..." until they began to sing. Despite the fact that all their songs are recorded... I'll say low-fi, I can't say they are actually bad, the singer is, but if he improves his voice, it will be awesome for the band.
Well, if you like anything between MCR's I brought you my bullets..., The Devil Wears Prada and Blink 182, maybe you'd like to listen their music...


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