Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friends for Hire.

Friends for Hire it's a rock/pop band from Charleston, South Carolina.

They have a rocking cover of Katy Perry's "Hot n' Cold", personally, I prefer Katy's, and my cousin says "personally, I prefer Katy!!!", but their cover it's so good, specially when you don't feel like listening to pop music.

The rest of their songs are good, I don't know how to describe them...Friends for Hire sounds like Boys Like Girls pretending to be rockers, haha!!. Ok, seriously, they sound like that kind of friendly rock/rocker pop that fills the radios, the one you hear everywhere, but they know how to stand out from the others, I think it's because of their drums.(hehe).
"I'm Feeling Alive" it's a very cute song, is that kind of song you wish your boyfriend have written for you; and "Under Your Skin"(softly) rocks, I liked that intro, and the song reminds me a bit of the MCR's songs from the "Three Cheers..." but with less yelling.
To sum up, FFH it's a nice band, their sound it's sweet with your ears, but it's enough rocker to avoid being bullied by your hardcore friends.



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