Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mental Pool.

Mental Pool it's a rock/experimental and maybe a bit of rap-rock band from Brooklyn, New York.
I don't know what to say about them, I don't know if they need to practice or what, because they don't sound actually good but I think they're not bad; sometimes they're out of tune, specially the vocals, but I think they can get better, reallly. But they're not. Anyway, their song "Sleeping Suicide" it's pretty well played, so, I guess they're not that bad.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


ToSleepWithAngels it's a screamo band from Great Falls, Montana.
Even when "members lived in different cities, To Sleep With Angels still manages to write and is in the process of recording". They sound pretty good, and better if you consider that they don't rehearse their songs together; I wonder if they are this good playing live.
They sound...normal, a lot like the bands they call their influences (Scary Kids Scaring Kids, UnderOath, blessthefall), I usually say that it is bad, but this time, even if I still think they need to make a difference between them and the rest of the bands of this genre, I think that ToSleepWithAngels it's a pretty good band and they play just fine.
You probably may think that they're not something new, or maybe you're sick of this genre, but they are good, so, give them a chance:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah With Secrets

Sarah With Secrets it's a melodic rock/powerpop band from Oslo, Norway.
Me doesn't likey. Haha, ok, more objectively, they're average, but the singer doesn't know how to sing. I've heard worse, of course, worse pro singers, but it doesn't make any difference, you know? I still think this girl needs to practice a lot; the music it's not that bad, but it's still average, they should obbey what their lyrics says "I'm trying to be better". I know their songs are "rough mixes" but I won't keep listening hoping they get better and get a sound that belongs to themselves.
Anyway, I can't say to people what they should think, so, go, make your own oppinion about them:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Agnes it's a screamo/hardcore band from Augusta, US.
Even when the voice of the vocalist it's out of tune sometimes, their music it's kinda cool, of course they need to improve themselves, but practice makes perfect, that's probably just what they need, because they are pretty nice, I mean, their music, it is good.
Nothing else to say; average/good band =) check them out:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shapes of Cars.

Shapes of Cars it's an indie/glam/rock band from Silverlake, California
I liked the music, but when the vox started, I didn't like that. He has a weird voice and he doesn't control it perfectly, he tries to sing like David Bowie, but... nobody should try that, it's sacrilege! Even when I was annoyed at first, after listening them for a while I ended up liking their music. I think I'm becoming less bitchy or less exigent, because I liked most of the bands I've been reviewing lately, but there's a reason, I don't like everything, and not just because, for example, this band: They are kinda good, but they are not like the best indie band or something, I think they need a lot of things, because, by now, they're just an average band.
They are cool anyway,they are good musicians with a good style and you'll probably like them (if you like glam rock of course) :

Monday, January 5, 2009


Renfue it's an alternative/rock band from Santa Clarita, California.
This is one of those bands with GirlPower, kinda like Paramore, but they're not a copy, not at all. Their music is good and pop-punky, I enjoyed listening them, but I can't stop thinking about Paramore, the comparisons are and will be there, but if care about it, you're just f*ck*d. I can't find good words to write in here, mostly because I still don't really know what I think about them, on one hand, I like their music, but on the other hand, I found them kind of common, they are good musicians, she's a good singer and I like Paramore, so I guess I like them. Sorry for being so insistent about the comparison, but I can't think in any other (good/better) way to describe you. Anyway, this is a very good band that you should listen:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Almost Arlington.

Almost Arlington it's an emo band from Philadelphia/Williamstown, New Jersey.
I found pretty interesting the way they care about their fans that much, and the way they think about fame: "Musicians work in a business where Ego's and Vanity can make or break your success, and a lot of them forget that being humble is just as important as being confident. You will never catch me in the van after a show. When my bands set is over I can't wait to talk to anyone that will listen to me. I love getting to know the people who made the time and effort to come see us play..." It's really cool when the people have everything prioritized that good.
Their music is actually pretty, soft, enjoyable; it's not a wonderful innovation, but it's so easy to listen that you just do it without asking yourself why. They have an acoustic version of one of their songs, and I really liked it, I ussually don't like acoustic versions, but this one is relaxing and well-played. All the bad things I have to say about them is that sometimes the voice it's a bit annoying, but just for seconds, not big pieces of the songs.
Even if you don't like emo, you should give them a listen:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Autumns On Fire.

Autumns On Fire it's christian hardcore band from Winslow, Indiana.

Even when I'm totally flattered because they said my blog is "quite fire", I have to be absolutelly objective about their music, and what I really think about it is that... it's nothing special, they are good musicians, but they don't have something that makes them different, it's just the same, I think they need to experiment more with their sound, and the lyrics too; I don't have so much to say about them, and I don't even know if I liked them, because, as I said before, they are good musicians, but they don't have a good proposal for a succesful band, maybe it's because they are still young (or at least they seem like), or any reason, idk, but they should improve the creative area.