Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shapes of Cars.

Shapes of Cars it's an indie/glam/rock band from Silverlake, California
I liked the music, but when the vox started, I didn't like that. He has a weird voice and he doesn't control it perfectly, he tries to sing like David Bowie, but... nobody should try that, it's sacrilege! Even when I was annoyed at first, after listening them for a while I ended up liking their music. I think I'm becoming less bitchy or less exigent, because I liked most of the bands I've been reviewing lately, but there's a reason, I don't like everything, and not just because, for example, this band: They are kinda good, but they are not like the best indie band or something, I think they need a lot of things, because, by now, they're just an average band.
They are cool anyway,they are good musicians with a good style and you'll probably like them (if you like glam rock of course) :


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