Saturday, January 17, 2009


ToSleepWithAngels it's a screamo band from Great Falls, Montana.
Even when "members lived in different cities, To Sleep With Angels still manages to write and is in the process of recording". They sound pretty good, and better if you consider that they don't rehearse their songs together; I wonder if they are this good playing live.
They sound...normal, a lot like the bands they call their influences (Scary Kids Scaring Kids, UnderOath, blessthefall), I usually say that it is bad, but this time, even if I still think they need to make a difference between them and the rest of the bands of this genre, I think that ToSleepWithAngels it's a pretty good band and they play just fine.
You probably may think that they're not something new, or maybe you're sick of this genre, but they are good, so, give them a chance:


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