Monday, January 5, 2009


Renfue it's an alternative/rock band from Santa Clarita, California.
This is one of those bands with GirlPower, kinda like Paramore, but they're not a copy, not at all. Their music is good and pop-punky, I enjoyed listening them, but I can't stop thinking about Paramore, the comparisons are and will be there, but if care about it, you're just f*ck*d. I can't find good words to write in here, mostly because I still don't really know what I think about them, on one hand, I like their music, but on the other hand, I found them kind of common, they are good musicians, she's a good singer and I like Paramore, so I guess I like them. Sorry for being so insistent about the comparison, but I can't think in any other (good/better) way to describe you. Anyway, this is a very good band that you should listen:


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