Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Walls Have Teeth

The Walls Have Teeth is a hardcore band from Dallas, Texas.

I was impressed with this hardcore band. Until I heard the songs "Beauty is Her Weapon of Choice" and "JCLS". TWHT is a really good band; they have some songs recorded live and it seems like they are very good in concert, but the vocals on those songs really dissapointed me. The rest of their songs are good, I think; I don't know if someone else sang the songs I told you, but the rest of them don't have that problem. They have a couple of little flaws like all the amateur bands (if I can call them that) but noting really noticeable or that really lowers their level.

I think their lyrics tend to be a bit about protest against authority, more that other bands I've heard.Maybe if they make an effort, they can be part of the new generation of hardcore bands (you know, every scene renews itself after certain amount of years, I think the average it's around 5 years.). I think it's time for the harcore scene to let new bands in.

Anyway, listen TWHT and tell me what you think about them.