Saturday, January 3, 2009

Almost Arlington.

Almost Arlington it's an emo band from Philadelphia/Williamstown, New Jersey.
I found pretty interesting the way they care about their fans that much, and the way they think about fame: "Musicians work in a business where Ego's and Vanity can make or break your success, and a lot of them forget that being humble is just as important as being confident. You will never catch me in the van after a show. When my bands set is over I can't wait to talk to anyone that will listen to me. I love getting to know the people who made the time and effort to come see us play..." It's really cool when the people have everything prioritized that good.
Their music is actually pretty, soft, enjoyable; it's not a wonderful innovation, but it's so easy to listen that you just do it without asking yourself why. They have an acoustic version of one of their songs, and I really liked it, I ussually don't like acoustic versions, but this one is relaxing and well-played. All the bad things I have to say about them is that sometimes the voice it's a bit annoying, but just for seconds, not big pieces of the songs.
Even if you don't like emo, you should give them a listen:


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