Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Downtown Fiction.

The Downtown Fiction it's a rock/pop punk/powerpop band from Fairfax, Virginia.
They are my favorite band of the ones I have reviewed until now, not just because of their music, but for their accesibility; they actually answer you, and not because they "have to" they do it nicely; I saw some of their non-musical videos and they seem like they're pretty nice people.
What I have to say about their music is that, since they play the most popular genre now, it's difficult not to sound like other bands, but they do a good job, I can't say they do an excellent job, because not so much people can proudly say they did; they are a good begginer band, and actually pretty good, I think my fav song was "Is Anybody Out There?", but all of their songs are good,the voice of Cameron is soothing and reflects the bands that they call their influences, like Oasis. Idk what to say, this is the first time it happens, probably because of what I said before, they play something so common, but it's actually of my favorite genre, so I can't say I don't like it.
If I keep writting I'm gonna mess this up, so, resuming, I liked The Downtown Fiction but idk exactly why.


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