Friday, May 15, 2009

Running With Giants

Running With Giants it's a pop punk band from Maryland.
A girl on the vocals. I was expecting them to sound like Paramore. Not at all. Finally! I don't know why, but most of the beginner bands with a female lead singer that I've heard sound at least a little like Hayley William's band.
Running With Giants are actually pretty good, with a lot of distortion on their guitars and awesome drums, their music sound kind of hard, more punk than pop, but the vocals makes it lighter and more pleasant to our ears, I really like that. In general, I love when the music's trashy, punky and the voice is sweet, and this band is a good example of it.
The conclusion here is: Maybe they're not the most awesome, shocking, innovative band, but I WIDELY recommend them.
Also, they're touring with a couple of already-reviewed (and loved)bands: Crush, the Everlasting and Colin Healy and the Jetskis, so, catch them if you can, check their Myspace profile for dates:


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