Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's riddiculous

I was trying a new way to find bands, I clicked on the Myspace music section and I checked the bands from the first column, the "unlabeled" bands; you have to select a genre, so I chose indie, and in the column appeared bands such as Sugarcult, Clap your Hands,Say Yeah, and some other bands that are famous already, so my point here is: How the hell do they think unlabeled bands are gonna be noticed if the bands that are already famous are filling the places where they should be? I think it is really unfair for the bands, the fans and for the people who are loooking for something new, like me; and all this means I will have to get back to my old method to find bands: I'll let them find me first. The friend requests are the only safe way to know real, not-famous, upcoming bands, and that's so sad. Myspace should do something.


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