Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Horrible Horrible Creatures

Horrible Horrible Creatures it's a rock pop band from Pennsylvania.
They are so in the style of bands like Boys Like Girls, and even when there's a plague of this kind of bands, they captivate me since the beggining, they made catchy, good music and I think somebody should sign them, I know I haven't said that of any other band, but they are really good! If you like bands such as Boys Like Girls, We The Kings, The All-American Rejects, and/or, if for some strange reason you read my blog and you liked already reviewed bands Friends For Hire, Don't Say Vegas and The Ocean Buried, you should listen them because you're gonna love'em. Well boys, I'm not UltraGrrrl, I can't make someone important put his attention on you, but I do my best, I'm objective and I have to say that you need to improve your myspace profile, to play more shows and do everything you can to become known, that's the 1st step to mainstream, where you should be. If you're taking this seriously, as it should be, you soon be spotted by someone important. Keep working and make more songs, the more you get is better.


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